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About International Homes Export

International Homes Export (IHE) was established for the purpose of addressing the aforementioned world demand for low cost, affordable housing and as a means of delivering alternative building materials to a world seeking a better way to build homes. As an international building material supplier, IHE can provide all of the construction materials and related services for any home design, or for that matter, any structure within reason, including houses, schools, clinics, barracks and more. Choose from one of our pre-engineered homes or provide us with your plans and our team of engineers and estimators will transform those plans into working drawings utilizing the same materials used in our designs, and built on the light gauge steel framing system. IHE will provide you with the complete house, piece-by-piece, from the roofing to the light bulbs, ready to be shipped and assembled anywhere in the world. Whether your project requires 10 or 10,000 homes, the team at IHE has the skill and expertise to assist you in bringing your project from the drawing board to the job-site. Executive Staff

Our team brings over 100 years of combined knowledge, commitment and experience to each project. Our successes are due to the old-fashioned work ethics and reputations of our principals. Each principal has been a successful businessman in the different areas of construction and has brought their own dedication and expert knowledge to the management team  for the benefit of each project.

Patrick P. Panzarella is the President of IHE. He brings over 25 years of experience in the construction industry to IHE. His vision and dream of exporting steel framed homes and commercial buildings around the world came into reality when he formed International Home Exports, Inc. in 1999 along with his friend and business associate, Bob Papera and his father Vince Panzarella. Patrick has been a successful steel frame contractor in Southern California, listing single-family homes, multi-unit homes and commercial buildings among his accomplishments before embarking on this venture.

Robert P. Papera is the Chief Financial Officer of IHE. As President of Expo Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of stucco products and a worldwide supplier of construction materials, he brings over 35 years of industry experience to this enterprise. He is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a degree in Accounting. His manufacturing and distribution experience coupled with his logistics experience in the U.S. Navy has given him a true global vision and ability to bring together the resources necessary to make possible the purpose of IHE.

Vincent J. Panzarella is a veteran of the construction industry with over 45 years experience and is also the Secretary of IHE. Vince is a retired contractor who has also been a developer/builder of commercial centers and residential condos. His  skill, experience, knowledge and professionalism led him to the presidency and head of several professional organizations within the stucco/plastering industry. He an expert in his field and is often called on to assess, review, litigate and render judgment in potential lawsuits dealing with exterior finishes. His organizational skills come into play as each new project is presented.

We look forward to becoming a part of your team by bringing our skills combined with our dedication and professionalism to help you produce a great and successful project.